Designing the layout and the cover of the 2010 catalog, and all the visual identity for FTK fair in Milan.

AIM: Optimize available space by building a functional layout and at the same time enhance the products through the photos. COVER: Made of die-cutting, are some of the corporate values such as DESIGN (extremely minimal and geometric), AIR (through the holes), the filter used in COOKER HOODS. The catalogs are two versions: one with the prices (metallic Pantone 877C) and one without prices (Pantone Solid Coated 303C), confirming the company's image, whose products are mainly made of steel (hence the gray color). INSIDE: The grid is designed to enhance the products and at the same time allow easy reading of technical data, including the legend and the design of appropriate icons. FONT: Titillium. FORMAT: A4.

Invitation / brochure / business card.